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Polk County officials now use a critical communications system shared with most public safety operations across the State of Florida to inform county residents about public safety threats and concerns. During situations which may affect the health, safety and welfare of Polk County residents, designated officials send out messages to telephone numbers and email addresses within the affected geographic area. When the message is sent, you will be notified, giving specific information about the current announcement.

Receive vital updates when severe weather is threatening our county or about crime trends in your neighborhood. When you subscribe for emergency notifications, you'll also have the option of receiving community informational alerts.

You don't have to live in the county to register:

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Polk County Property Alert System

The Property Alert Service is the first step in protecting your property.

Signing up for this service alerts you to possible fraudulent activity on your property in Polk County, Florida, but does not prevent this fraudulent activity from taking place. If you are alerted to an unauthorized transaction and believe it to be fraudulent, you must contact law enforcement to report it.

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